“Everything is welcome”

“Everything is welcome” is a reminder I regularly give my clients. It’s so important to be received in a space where you don’t have to hide anything. Where there’s no taboos, no holding back out of shame.

Shame sneaking up on us

Because usually shame will come up, if we’re in a series of coaching sessions. It’s part of our human experience. We feel shame around things, thus we try to hide and not discuss them. The effect is: even more shame.

Non-judgement and curiosity

So in our sessions I will do everything I can to be a non-judgmental listener and mirror to you. To help you see more clearly what’s at play within you. To receive everything that wants to be heard, seen and experienced.

Courage to face our shadows

To help you find the courage to let it out, to let it see the light. To come out of the shadows. Because even in the shadows these things (emotions, memories, etc) that we try to walk away from WILL influence our behaviour and the course of our lives.

Beautiful messiness

I can tell you: I also need to remind myself on a regular basis that everything is welcome. That I am a beautifully imperfect and unique person. And that all the messiness, the shame, the beauty and the courage are residing in me. And they are all allowed to play out, be seen and understood. So that we can take better care of ourselves.


PS: I owe a big thanks to Louise Mazanti and Mike Lousada, for their teachings. “Everything is welcome” is an attitude I have them to thank for.


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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

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