Finding our calm state of being

Can you see this relaxed smile on my face? It’s a reflection of my inner calm. But it has been a long road to get to this state of being.

Being afraid

 I used to strive to have a life full of wonderful adventures and pleasant experiences. I was literally running after them. On a deep level, completely subconsciously, I was afraid to “not get everything out of life”.

(Maybe that was even the universal subconscious fear of death we are all prone to experience…but let’s not go that deep right now.)

Actions have consequences

 The consequences of this way of living?

I did have many unusual adventures that really enriched my life. Yay!

But I was living too high paced and my health suffered from it. Ultimately leading to a severe burn-out.

Rebuilding my life

 Past years, I have rebuilt my ‘way of life’. I live at a lower pace and I value and prioritise rest&recharge time. The most valuable skill I’ve learnt is probably: BEING IN THE MOMENT. Because when I can slow down and pause, I can check in with myself: How am I doing? What do I want or need right now? What is my body telling me? What adjustments can I make for this day?

 Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I wish you a happy and healthy life. Where slow paced living and granting yourself rest is VALUED instead of looked down upon.

What I do now

As a coach, I help most of my clients to deal with their ‘striving’ and ‘having to be productive all the time’. It always comes up. We all struggle with this. PLEASE let’s break this cycle. 


Warm greetings to you all, from a beautiful apartment I rented for this weekend. To stay there SOLO. To enjoy downtime, to rest and digest. To meet friends, but also to SLOW THE F*CK DOWN. Ahhhhh it feels so nourishing!


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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

I offer guidance around intimacy, sexuality, burnout prevention & recovery, tension & stress release. Tap into your inner wisdom!

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