How do we work in PsychoSexual Somatics Therapy?

Now you know what Psychosexual Somatics Therapy is, let’s look at what areas we can explore and what techniques we use. We bring awareness to several parts of your Being and your experience, to help you find the answers that lie within you.

Tailor-made sessions

When we’re working together, we’ll tailor your coaching journey exactly to your needs and desires. We will together determine what is suitable for you, at this stage of your exploration. You are always at the steering wheel, and I will be by your side. Read more about it on my SESSIONS page. We have quite a few ingredients to bring into the coaching mix. Together we decide what’s helpful and useful to you.

The basic element: coaching and therapy

Cognitive awareness is the first step to empowerment. By understanding how and why we avoid intimacy we can begin to make different choices that support greater connection, intimacy and pleasure. PST offers a clear roadmap to understanding intimacy issues and helps you move through any blocks to a greater capacity for connection. PST is a powerful combination of coaching (forward-looking, accessing your potential) and therapy (understanding how we came to be as we are) which allows for rapid growth and transformation.

Regulation of the nervous system 

PST believes that almost all intimacy issues require a re-regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Practitioners are taught an understanding of the role of the vagus nerve in our capacity for presence, connection and arousal. By applying both a clinical application of Polyvagal Theory and Trauma Therapy, PST works safely with trauma and helps to create new neural pathways.

Awareness of our body: somatic mindfulness

Awareness is the first step towards empowerment. PST applies somatic (embodied) mindfulness to help increase your awareness of limiting beliefs and how they manifest in the body. When we are connected with our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations we can remain present in intimacy and do not enter dissociated states or familiar patterns of avoidant behaviours. Mindfulness also contributes to creating a positive neurological state.

The felt sensations: embodiment techniques

PST focuses strongly on awareness of the felt experience in the moment. By dropping into the body and allowing its wisdom to express and be seen, we become more connected to ourselves and therefore also to others. Using embodiment techniques supports us to know the truth of our experience and move out of stuckness. By becoming aware of physical sensations and any associated emotional responses we can begin to integrate body and mind into a more cohesive whole which creates a stronger sense of selfhood.

Reconnecting through breath techniques 

Most people struggling with sex and intimacy are partly dissociated from their body. Breathing is one of the keys to reconnecting with your body, to feel yourself more deeply and to develop embodied presence. In PST we use different breathwork techniques to support the client to drop into their body, to come home to themselves and their own felt experience, creating greater flow in the body.

The key to healing: the relational field

PST holds that all sexual issues are actually intimacy issues. At their heart is an avoidance of connection with ourself and others. By working with what comes up in the room between practitioner and client, PST is able to offer deep insights into your relational patterns. So that’s why I’m here for you: to guide you, mirror you and help you find the answers. 


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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

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