My coaching space in Utrecht

If you choose in-person coaching sessions with Marjolein, you’ll be welcomed into this calm, light coaching room in Utrecht. 

What my clients say:

“I really love the atmosphere in here. It feels calm, homely and safe.”

“Oh, how spacious. It’s great to be able to move around in the room, while doing exercises.”

“The simplicity and the colorful setting of the room feel very welcoming. It’s homely yet clean. I enjoy being in here.”

“Wow, these theater chairs are a nice touch. And damn, they’re comfortable to sit in for longer. It’s very original, and I can see how your taste makes me feel at home instantly.”

“The privacy this room has to offer makes me feel safe to express myself freely. To talk freely, but also to raise my voice, move around and experiment during exercises.”

You are welcome here!


If you’re curious to work with me, you’re free to book a discovery call or come around for a personal session, to experience if I’m the right person to guide you.

Central location in Utrecht

My coaching space is located less than 2 km from Utrecht Central Station and the city centre. There’s free parking here, if you come by car. 


Would you like to find out if I may be the right person to guide or coach you?

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Feel free to send me a message to set up a call!

Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

I offer guidance around intimacy, sexuality, burnout prevention & recovery, tension & stress release. Tap into your inner wisdom!

You’re welcome for online or in-person sessions.