Practicing how to care

Hi, this is me in my natural habitat (my house full of plants)!

When people ask me if I have a green thumb (groene vingers), I always reply: “Actually I don’t. I just really like mindful activities, such as watering and caring for my plants. All it takes is attention and presence.” 

So yeah…I guess I enjoy practicing what I consider valuable life skills. Such as care, presence, attention and love. 

YES. Loving and caring take practice. That’s what I believe. 

And my plants are my favorite practice subject. 


Bonus: I get to live in a spacious green home, full of fresh air. And with great acoustics.



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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

I offer guidance around intimacy, sexuality, burnout prevention & recovery, tension & stress release. Tap into your inner wisdom!

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