Practicing what I preach

The importance of rest

At some point in time, if you’re my client (or friend, for that matter), I will remind you how important REST is. To grant ourselves time to recharge, relax, decompress. 

That can be by going for a walk, going into nature, taking an afternoon nap, taking a bath...anything that soothes you.

The power of intagration time

Usually, I’d say: don’t use that time to read that book (and get new input), but simply see what happens if you don’t get any new input. Let your mind wander around. And see what thoughts come up. Since this is usually the time to CLEAN UP your mind. CLEAN UP your energy. 

INTEGRATING all the experiences we have is a delightful habit. Creating ME-TIME to let go of what was, to not think of what is about to come…and BE HERE NOW.

Stop being useful

And for those of us who always feel the need to spend our time being useful (hello me!): resting is useful! It makes your system clean up, makes your head clear up, and makes you MORE PRESENT and MORE EFFICIENT.

I practiced what I preach

So when I was on a holiday past weeks, I practiced what I preach. I brought 2 books, and read only 30 pages. I spent most time outside, in nature (swimming, walking, feeling the sun on my skin). And I prioritised sleep and rest.

Hello there, I feel clear headed and am HERE NOW!

Let this be a friendly reminder to you: spend some time coming days INTENTIONALLY resting and decompressing.


In case you wonder what sessions with me can do: 

we dismantle your habits, such as the ongoing need to be productive.

We look at patterns, if they serve you, and if you want to make any changes.

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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

I offer guidance around intimacy, sexuality, burnout prevention & recovery, tension & stress release. Tap into your inner wisdom!

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