Just imagine…

We’re going on a journey and get into a car together. You’re at the wheel, deciding the route and the speed. I am in the passenger seat. I help you to navigate and will sometimes make you aware of things we encounter during our journey. You decide whether you simply glance out of the window or stop the car to get out and look around a little longer. I will sometimes invite you to drive a little slower, and to take in the surroundings. Together we’ll discuss what we encounter. You’re the one behind the wheel, always.

We combine thinking (cognitive insight) with feeling (awareness of physical sensations and emotions). We’ll work at your pace and within your boundaries. My aim is to offer a safe space, without judgement and full of curiosity.

Everything is welcome!

The coaching process:
a few different steps

Free discovery call

During this conversation you can get to know me and my way of working, and ask me any questions you might have. If you wish, you can already share briefly what it is you’d like to look at, and what kind of guidance you’re looking for. This 15-minute call by telephone or video call will give you an impression on what to expect. After this conversation you can choose whether or not to schedule a first session.

Assessment session

We’ll now discuss your challenge and formulate the desired positive outcome. So: what new situation do you want to work towards, and what does that look like? Then we’ll go through your background, so that we have a clear idea of what we are going to work with. We then determine whether I am the right match or whether I will refer you on. This session takes place online as a video call and will be a maximum of one and a half hours.

Follow-up sessions

At this point we start looking at your challenge and any issues or questions that come up during the process. We work with what is present in the moment and will always link it to the issue you came in with at the start. We meet every week for a 1 hour session or every 2 weeks for a 1,5 hour session (we agree on this in advance). You can choose online video calls or personal sessions in my coaching space in Utrecht.

Closing session

When you feel you have received sufficient guidance, we will conclude our collaboration. During the final session we will go through the insights you have gained. We will consciously reflect on the road you have travelled. This way, we make sure you will continue your journey with a strengthened awareness.

I offer guidance regarding:

Intimacy & Sexuality

Explore your desires, get in touch with your boundaries and deepen your intimate relationships

Burn-out & Stress

Help yourself to prevent overstrain, or get help recovering from burn-out

Tension Release

Learn to easily release physical tension and (re)find your relaxed balance

Getting Unstuck

Discover what you really want, get back into your flow and regain control of your private or work life


Are you curious?


What clients say about Marjolein

Susan (59), United Kingdom

“Marjolein is respectful, collaborative, calming and supportive. She’s very good at being able to guide me into a safe space, to move out of my cognitive into a more feeling, emotional body place. I find her voice pace and intonation very soothing. And Marjolein’s style of communication during the session is absolutely right, setting the tone – calm, measured without being overly ‘therapist’! We worked online, and it may take some time to communicatie emotions over Zoom, but the screen did not seem like a barrier.

I feel heard by Marjolein. And also sometimes challenged without any defensive response – which would usually be an unconscious reaction from me. I experienced dropping into a trusting place quite quickly. The sessions are very useful, enjoyable and satisfying. I have very much benefitted from working with her and I would definitely recommend her coaching to others as she has a natural skill.”

Lena (57), Denmark

“I appreciate Marjolein’s calm approach, it feels very good and safe. She is great at noticing and observing what is important to me, and the fact that she reflects back along the way makes me feel both seen and heard. 

The chemistry between us is really good. There’s a relaxed atmosphere and it’s wonderfully liberating to be able to laugh along the way. Marjolein is so adept at summarizing and keeping the conversation on track. That’s a great balance. Also, her ability to visualize is a great help to me as it forms images that can help me maintain important insights. I feel helped well throughout our sessions.”

Caja (48), The Netherlands

“Marjolein is very observant. She uses all her senses, notices changes in my body language and my speech and provides feedback or intervenes when necessary, to make me more aware of myself. I feel safe showing my feelings, since she is able to help me prevent getting overwhelmed. She always gives me time to process what’s happening. And she helps me to stay connected to my body instead of getting lost in my head.

I’m learning how to slow down, give space to my emotions, and to process everything that comes up in a grounded way. I like the suggestions and tools Marjolein provides for me to practice and to continue my thought process in between sessions. That’s very valuable and helpful. The online format works surprisingly well.

Overall, Marjolein communicates clearly, gives structure to our conversations, is empathetic, professional and makes me feel very much at ease. I feel safe in the ‘coaching hands’ of Marjolein. I feel that everything that will or will not happen is welcome.”

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