The 3 levels we can explore during PsychoSexual Somatics Therapy

Every coaching journey is personal and different. However, we can work on 3 levels, which make up the totality of the PsychoSexual Somatics Therapy (PST) approach.

The ideal tempo for coaching or therapy to make lasting change

In our culture, we’re used to moving quite quickly. Be productive and efficient. The same might go for your desire for personal development. Once you’ve spotted a behaviour or belief you’d like to explore and possibly change, you’re in action mode. That kind of energy is very powerful and useful when stepping into a coaching journey. However, it takes time to make lasting change. The key word here being: lasting. So you can guess what my advice is: go slow and steady. If we take the time to unpack, feel and explore…the harvest will be much richer.

The starting point of coaching with Marjolein

It’s important to mention there’s a few things I highly value (read more). I aim to provide a safe space for you to explore, without pressure or judgement. Full of curiosity, we explore and examine whatever comes up. No taboos. The more openness, the more trust: the more you can get out of working with me. We do distinguish a few levels or stages we could move through, if and when you feel you’re ready to do so. These are the 3 levels we define in PST.

The mind, our thoughts and our beliefs: the cognitive approach

Firstly, there’s the cognitive approach. During our conversations, you will become more aware of some behavioural patterns you might have developed over the years. We’ll explore the limiting beliefs that play a role in your decision making and behaviour. And we can look at emotional issues that come up. During our sessions I use a combination of coaching and therapeutic techniques, to guide you most optimally.

Connecting to our sensations and emotions: improving body awareness

Secondly, there’s somatic awareness. Soma means body. So this is about becoming more aware of what’s happening in your body. I’ll help you to develop skills to connect more to the sensations and emotions as they show up in your body. Of course, we work at a pace that’s comfortable and not (too) challenging for you. You’re always at the steering wheel. In this stage, we use somatic mindfulness exercises and other breathing and embodiment techniques. I will help you become aware of sensations and emotions, without being overwhelmed by them. We let them be present without overtaking us. This is an invaluable skill to master, to be able to live an emotionally balanced life.


Integration of the wisdom and experience

Thirdly, there’s the stage of integration. This is a stage often forgotten or overlooked. But to make that lasting change I referred to, we need to take some time and space to reap what we have sown. To go through the insight with our thoughts and also with our felt sense: the bodily sensations. To consciously experience the shift we caused by having the courage to look at some issues that were bothering us. It might be accompanied by some insecurity to this new reality. We might feel tender or tired at first. When we take the time to move through that, we will usually get to a point of feeling energetic, empowered and relieved. If we fully finish the coaching journey, we should feel a free flow of energy in us. A new perspective on our current reality. One that’s more aligned with where we stand.


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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

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