The universal sense of Unworthiness

There is a deep sense of unworthiness ingrained in most of us. It’s part of the human condition. Deeply ingrained in how we think about ourselves.

Our thinking patterns

How often do you think:

  • “I could have done better”
  • “I should have done more”
  • “That wasn’t efficient”

Maybe you can catch yourself going from:

“I did something clumsy” to “I am clumsy.

Or even from:

“I did something stupid” to “I am stupid”?


Perception of yourself

Our inner critic can bend our reasoning.

And this can be extremely damaging

to how we perceive ourselves

and how we live our lives.


Limiting yourself

Operating from a sense of Unworthiness means:

  • staying small
  • not speaking our mind
  • feeling insecure
  • doubting ourselves on a regular basis
  • being out of touch with our desire
  • out of touch with our boundaries


How to change

How to break this unhealthy habit, of being under the spell of Unworthiness?
Being steered by our often unconscious behaviours?

This is the work. The valuable work.

Often we need someone to mirror us, to reflect back, to help or guide us.



I’d be honored to be your guide, in case you feel like diving in.

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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

I offer guidance around intimacy, sexuality, burnout prevention & recovery, tension & stress release. Tap into your inner wisdom!

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