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Do you know where your desire lies?
And do you dare to follow it?

Intimacy & Relationships

Explore your desires, get in touch with your boundaries and deepen your intimate relationships

Getting Unstuck

Discover what you really want, get back into your flow and regain control of your private or work life

Get to know your nervous system

Introduction workshop nervous system and Polyvagal theory

Sunday 9 October in Utrecht

(Dutch spoken)

Welcome, my name is Marjolein

Body-oriented Therapist & Coach

I am a certified Somatic Therapist and help people to improve their relationships both with themselves and with others. This I do in the fields of intimacy, sexuality, stress and burn-out.

In the last 20 years I gained experience as a journalist, communication advisor, trainer and teacher of intimacy workshops. All of my knowledge and experience now comes to its full potential in the capacity of Therapist and Coach.

I am convinced that every human being owns a deep internal wisdom. And I’d like to help you to get back in touch with your strength and your wisdom. “Everything starts with desire” is my conviction. Because since I am back in touch with what I really desire, I act accordingly and my life is much more beautiful. I wish the same for you.

My method

You can choose online coaching (video calls) or in-person sessions in Utrecht.

Working together we’ll go through a few different phases. Starting with possibly a free discovery call, then a first session in which we determine what we are going to work on. If we both feel a ‘yes’, then we’ll have a series of follow-up sessions,  eventually followed by a closing session.

We combine thinking (cognitive insight) with feeling (awareness of physical sensations and emotions). We’ll work at your pace and within your boundaries. My aim is to offer a safe space, without judgement and full of curiosity.

Everything is welcome!


What clients say about Marjolein

Susan (59), United Kingdom

“Marjolein is respectful, collaborative, calming and supportive. She’s very good at being able to guide me into a safe space, to move out of my cognitive into a more feeling, emotional body place. I find her voice pace and intonation very soothing. And Marjolein’s style of communication during the session is absolutely right, setting the tone – calm, measured without being overly ‘therapist’! We worked online, and it may take some time to communicatie emotions over Zoom, but the screen did not seem like a barrier.

I feel heard by Marjolein. And also sometimes challenged without any defensive response – which would usually be an unconscious reaction from me. I experienced dropping into a trusting place quite quickly. The sessions are very useful, enjoyable and satisfying. I have very much benefitted from working with her and I would definitely recommend her coaching to others as she has a natural skill.”

Rob (58), The Netherlands

"I experienced Marjolein as a coach who really observed me, saw my whole being and was able to work with this. I felt completely seen and heard. She very pleasantly took charge during the sessions and made sure that my story that was in my head could be narrated with my body and my heart. That was especially beneficial at times when my emotions were running high and I was less able to think clearly.

Marjolein invited me to use the entire coaching room and to put my body in motion. I found that to be very nice because my body knows what is going on much more quickly than my mind does. I felt her engagement with my story. I noticed how her questions gave me increasingly deeper insight into what was going on within me.  She uses different methods to achieve this. For me, visualising my feelings helped a lot. It allowed me to make better contact with them. Not only during the sessions, but also afterwards. I could look at them and this helped me enormously to achieve significant progress regarding my issue."

Lena (57), Denmark

"I appreciate Marjolein’s calm approach, it feels very good and safe. She is great at noticing and observing what is important to me, and the fact that she reflects back along the way makes me feel both seen and heard. 

The chemistry between us is really good. There’s a relaxed atmosphere and it’s wonderfully liberating to be able to laugh along the way. Marjolein is so adept at summarizing and keeping the conversation on track. That’s a great balance. Also, her ability to visualize is a great help to me as it forms images that can help me maintain important insights. I feel helped well throughout our sessions."

Bob (36), The Netherlands

"Marjolein created space and safety during our sessions. During our conversations, I was given the opportunity to look for answers and solutions that I felt were close to me, but which I would not have been able to reach without Marjolein's attentive feedback.

In addition, I received excellent and helpful exercises to not only engage cognitively, but also to place more emphasis on the physical aspects."

Caja (48), The Netherlands

“Marjolein is very observant. She uses all her senses, notices changes in my body language and my speech and provides feedback or intervenes when necessary, to make me more aware of myself. I feel safe showing my feelings, since she is able to help me prevent getting overwhelmed. She always gives me time to process what’s happening. And she helps me to stay connected to my body instead of getting lost in my head.

I’m learning how to slow down, give space to my emotions, and to process everything that comes up in a grounded way. I like the suggestions and tools Marjolein provides for me to practice and to continue my thought process in between sessions. That’s very valuable and helpful. The online format works surprisingly well.

Overall, Marjolein communicates clearly, gives structure to our conversations, is empathetic, professional and makes me feel very much at ease. I feel safe in the ‘coaching hands’ of Marjolein. I feel that everything that will or will not happen is welcome.”

Contact me directly

+31 (0) 683 528 781

Spuistraat 5, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

ASN Bank NL76ASNB0932562450

Chamber of Commerce 82244375