Why Psychosexual Somatics Therapy?

When you’re at a point in your life where you feel you are stuck, in a crisis and things really need to change…I hope you decide to look for help and guidance. Usually we will lean towards psychological help and ‘talk therapy’. Let me tell you what you’re missing out on, and why your body is such a valuable instrument to include in the process of resolving your problem(s).

Trying to think your way out

Many of us, when in a crisis, look for our salvation in psychotherapy. The beaten path is that towards the psychologist or psychotherapist. We talk about what is going on, we try to analyse and understand. We try to dissect and interpret how it came about and if we can change it or solve it. This involves a lot of mental work. We try to think our way out. That is useful in a way. However, it also skips a whole source of internal wisdom. Namely, that of your body. Psychosexual Somatics Therapy approaches things differently. You can read more about this in the blog post ‘How do we work in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy?’

Talking to and with the mind and the body

Your body also holds a wealth of experience and therefore knowledge. It would be a shame not to use that part of our healing capacity, wouldn’t it? But yes…for many people this may sound rather floaty or vague. And that makes sense, because if you have never experienced it, you do not ‘know’ what that I mean when I speak about the body’s internal wisdom. 

From two different poles, towards my centre

I myself have experienced how solid and strong that inner truth is, and just how very much my body can tell me. And subsequently, how I can proceed with my head. So I work from two different poles towards each other. Towards my centre, my core. And that is where the internal solution can be found. My own truth and wisdom. When I connect with that, I can feel very clearly what is ‘right’. I can then feel and know what I do and do not want. I connect to my ‘yes’, my ‘no’ and my ‘I want to explore this more deeply because I do not know yet’.

Different techniques to help you find the answers within you

So how do I work using techniques from Psychosexual Somatics Therapy? Well, when we start working together during coaching sessions, we first make sure to create a safe space for you to explore. We build trust, through talking and checking in with ourselves and each other. And at your own pace you can then open up, be as vulnerable as feels right to you, and share with me and yourself what’s at play at a deeper level. I’ll guide you with techniques ranging from breathwork, talking, feeling, inquiry, movement, mindfulness of bodily sensations and emotional awareness. You can read more about this in the blog post ‘How do we work in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy?’

This whole range of techniques and modalities will help you to find the answers within you. Not by just talking, but by inquiring into different parts of your being, so that you’ll optimally tap into your inner wisdom. Working at 3 different levels during our coaching process, you’ll have a rich experience.


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Hi, my name is Marjolein

Hi, my name is Marjolein

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