Why you should put yourself first

Do you have the tendency to always care for others?

Do you have trouble putting yourself first? 

Here’s a reminder why you should.

Giving you permission

I would like to give you permission to take good care of yourself, before you take care of others. This is for those of you who need it. Who am I to give you permission? Well, no one. I wish for you to be able to give yourself permission to do so. But it might be very hard for you to get to that point. 

What we’ve been taught

Usually, we have been shown in our youth ‘how to care’. And many of us have been shown and taught how to care for those around us. We learn to be kind, caring and considerate of others.

But have you been taught how to care for yourself? How to be kind, compassionate and loving toward yourself? 

Many of us haven’t learnt this from our parents or caregivers. Simply because they are unable to take good care of themselves. And some of us didn’t even have (proper) caregivers. So how can we expect ourselves to have the skills? We can’t.

Never too late to change

It’s never too late to learn. To improve our skill set. Especially around this pivotal area that is SELF CARE.

Why is this so important? Well, I think @RuPaul says it best: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”



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